"I saw results both physically, mentally & even emotionally within a matter of two weeks and was absolutely blown away by the changes I was able to make within eight weeks. "

Tamara Sealey     - Client


Meah is a certified personal trainer at WORLD GYM BURLEIGH on the Gold Coast that specialises in women’s only training. Getting you all the right curves in the right places. 

She is an expert in getting mums back to their PRE BABY BODY by incorporating specific weight training techniques and HIIT style workouts.

With extensive industry experience Meah will have you rocking your new ALPHA BABE body in no time!

Specialities include:

- Female functional training 

- Female Strength and conditioning 

- Booty building Less

- Weight loss transformations

- Yummy Mummy training techniques starting those "mum bums" and "mummy pouch"

Book in your session today and see the difference when you TRAIN LIKE AN ALPHA BABE

30 Min Session

A 30min 1-on-1 session with Meah focusing on strength and HIIT style training. The aim here is to utilise as the time we have to get your heart rate up and get you working up a sweat. The 30 min sessions are a fantastic option if you have a busy lifestyle but still want to get the most out of your workouts. The recommended amount of 30 min sessions is 3-4 per week for optimum results. 

Session Options

The 45 min session is the most popular and what Meah will mostly recommend to those who want to focus more on weight training and building lean muscle. This session is for those who want to get results quicker. The recommended amount of 45 min session is 2-3 per week for optimum results.

45 Min Session

"I’ve been fortunate enough to train with the gorgeous Meah from the Alpha Babes for the last three weeks and I’m absolutely loving it! Meah’s dedication to helping me make healthy long term lifestyle changes with health & fitness is exactly what I needed. Meah is very supportive, knowledgeable and totally understands how busy life can be, especially with kids!  I’m Already feeling the benefits from my training....and it’s only been three weeks! I can’t wait to continue my training with Meah and reach all my health and fitness goals. Thank you Meah!

Rebecca Westacott      - Client

5 week progress photos

Sophie Rooney - Client

12 week transformation

Jessica Barrett - Client

12 week transformation

"If you want to get fit, and get into the best shape of your life you only have to give up one thing....your EXCUSES". 

- Alpha Babes