Babes With Booty Program


Time to get PEACHY! 

The long awaited Babes with Booty program is finally here!

Are you tired of flat and saggy? Are you longing for sweet and peachy? Then the Babes with Booty program is what you need. If you're lacking that junk in your trunk and you are looking for a solution - then this is going to be the most important message you’ll ever read. 

And Here's Why…

The Babes With Booty program was designed and written by expert personal trainer, Meah - This program is like no other and consists of all the key exercises you need to do to create the perfect shape for your backside. It was designed to ensure you dont get bored and that you maximize you're results. If your thinking that squats alone will give you the perk you've been searching for then think again. There's so much more out there than just squats girlfriend! 

We believe that you don't need to spend hours at the gym to have an effective workout; all you need in the right movements and the right intensity and we are here to show you how. 

Meah has dedicated 12 months on building this program. Trialling and testing the best booty exercises there is to develop a program that will deliver AMAZING RESULTS. Meah is considered an expert in this area and has made it her mission to know everything there is to know about glute training to ensure her clients reach their goals.  Training your booty correctly requires you to individually and effectively train each and every muscle group within your glute muscles.  Babes with Booty is designed to target each glute muscle! Let’s get you that bootylicious behind that will have all your friends referring to you as - #bootygoals  


Time To Get PEACHY!

Are you Flat, saggy and dimpley?

Do you have a bad relationship with you're booty? 

Well keep reading because - THIS IS THE SOLUTION FOR YOU.

The Alpha Bundle

Keen to get the whole Alpha Babes package?


- Conquer Your Body Guide: Valued at $54.95

- Babes With Booty: Valued at $32.00

- Conquer Your Mind Guide: Valued at $44.90


SAVE $31.90


A full list of the BEST and most EFFECTIVE booty exercises broken down into their muscle groups; each exercise comes with the required rep/set range. A training breakdown so you understand how the program is structured. Your own 'BUTT GRID' timetable so you can schedule in your booty workout days as well as;  

A full comprehensive video exercise index to show you how to perform each movement correctly. Seeing the movements being performed is a much easier way to learn!



A list of foods that we recommend to eat while you are growing your booty. Nutritional tips for booty growth and tips on how to get the best results for your booty through your nutrition. A list of the best superfoods 

Education on glute activation and mind to muscle connection that includes a full list of key glute activation exercises. Booty building facts that will help you understand how to get the best results for your booty.  Booty anatomy to learn about each muscle group. Plus bonus tips on how to dress your booty and our tips for the most flattering outfits

Can This Program Be Done At Home?

Absolutely Miss Booty! 

You can perform The Babes with Booty program both at the gym and at home. If performing at home you will need a few pieces of equipment being:

  • A barbell with adjustable weights
  • Mini loop booty bands
  • Ankle weights to be used instead of cable machine

If you are performing at the gym and your gym has the above,  you will only need:

  • Mini loop booty bands

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