If You've Struggled To Create The Shapely, Sexy, Fit Silhouette You've Always Dreamed Of, Then This Is The Solution You've Been Looking For.  

Babe! I can assume that by viewing our page that you have got to a place in your life where you are still searching for the perfect solution to your body woes. 

You might be looking to achieve any of the following: 

Lose body fat around your hips, legs, bum and waist. No matter what you have done, it does not seem to go away! 

Gain lean muscle mass you have always wanted to keep the cellulite at bay 

Learn advanced ways of thinking to improve your mindset – Start to see yourself as a beautiful babe that you are and keep your inner mean girl at bay 

Break plateaus so that your bikini fit body can be revealed 

Stay committed to a plan, for its entirety – instead of finding reasons to stop training – like work, being a mum & having a family, being time poor, when motivation starts to dwindle. 

Well... What I'm about to tell you will be the most beneficial piece of information you've heard in a long, long time Babe. 


Welcome to 

ALPHA BABES | Conquer Your Body Guide

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- Conquer Your Body Guide: Valued at $59.95

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- Conquer Your Mind Guide: Valued at $44.90


SAVE $36.85

The Alpha Bundle

Let Today Be The Start To Something New...

Alpha Babes | Conquer Your Body Guide is an 8 week comprehensive training guide that includes:

What Do You Get Inside Alpha Babes CYB Guide?

This Alpha Babes | Conquer Your Body Guide is guaranteed to help 

transform your body from soft to strong sexy.

8 Weeks of Exercises - 5 days worth of Functional exercises that will keep your body guessing and your mind motivated 

Alpha Babe Education - Nutritional tips, Muscle facts, Cardio info, after exercise care and goal setting exercises 


Support - Online Access to the Private Alpha Babes Client Group

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The ALPHA BABES have been training women for years! Their secret to transforming women’s bodies is functional fitness combined with specific conditioning methods, such as plyometrics. This method has seen the development of countless women become confident, capable and mentally strong but switching on their inner ALPHA BABE. 

 The ALPHA BABES are two of Australia’s leading influencers in health & fitness. Hannah and Meah are two sisters who are the faces behind ALPHA BABES - A fitness & lifestyle company that focuses on building strong women on the outside and inside by helping them release their INNER ALPHA BABE. 

The ALPHA BABES are considered experts in physical and mental conditioning. We teach women that behind their self-doubt and fear lay an ALPHA BABE that is ready to come out and show the world what they got. The Alpha Babes continually produce significant change(s) in anyone they cross paths with.

ALPHA BABES | Conquer Your Body Guide was created to empower women everywhere to face their fears and change how they look at life and themselves. The Alpha Babes CYB Guide can be completed in a gym, or without a gym – just need to purchase a few simple items. 

 • Skipping rope 

• Dumbbells – pick your weight – 3kg – 10kgs 

• Slam ball / or Medicine Ball– pick your weight - 4kg – 10kgs ball) 

• Kettle Bell – pick your weight - 6kg – 16kg 

• Yoga Matt 

When you purchase your CYB Guide you will receive a complete 8-week training program, Alpha Babe Facts to keep you on track, and motivational goal setting and mindset tips to unlock your inner Alpha Babe. Everyone who purchases an ALPHA BABE CYB Guide will also become apart of the ALPHA BABES exclusive It is time for you to become your OWN motivation!


Our Alpha Babes. Real People. Real Results!



❝ I have joined so many gyms, tried so many programs and had 1000 personal trainers but no matter what I did, I would fall off the wagon and let my busy life get in the way. It wasn't until I met Hannah and Meah that something just clicked. There approach to fitness was different. They got into my mind and changed how  I looked at fitness and my body. It's no longer an 8 week guide, it's a lifestyle. I come first before anything else. I have never felt happier. Thanks ladies for changing my life! Alpha Babe for Life ❞

❝ I honestly thought I was destined to be overweight, unfit and unhappy with my body for the rest of my life. And then I did the Conquer Your Body Guide and it has literally changed my life. Not only my life but my husband and my toddlers lives too. I cannot thank Hannah and Meah along with the rest of this beautiful community enough. I feel strong for the first time in my life. Also last time I weighed myself I had lost around 8kg but have since stopped weighing on scales xo ❞

" I have noticed huge changes in my body since completing the Alpha Babes CYB guide. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis so I have to be very careful with what exercise I do. I have loved seeing the changes that my body has made and I am super happy with how I am looking. Thank you Alpha Babes!"

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