The ALPHA BABES | Custom Mentoring Package is an a fully customised program that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. 

This package is a proven high-performance system, designed to enhance your mind and reshape your body. The Alpha Babes will change your life for the better. With both of the Alpha Babes skills and expertises combined there is no room for error. You will have two coaches supporting you and guiding you every single step of the way. Let us become your soul sisters.

The ALPHA BABES Custom Mentoring Package is a completely individualised  and  crafted from scratch. The Alpha Babes goal is to ensure your body and mind goals are CONQUERED.

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1st October 2018 


How many times have you started a fitness program and not finished it? How many times have you started a new health kick but failed because you didn't know the right foods to eat or have the right mindset to get you the results you wanted? How many times have you started a new exercise regime but stopped because you got bored of the exercises? THAT STOPS NOW. The Alpha Babes have developed an exclusive custom mentoring program that keeps you motivated and gets you the results you have been looking for. 

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME on programs that won't work. START INVESTING IN YOUR HEALTH and get the BODY YOU'VE BEEN DREAMING OF!  Now is your chance to work exclusively with the Alpha Babe Sisters. We believe that our skill set combined is the ultimate solution for your body woes. 

We can assume that by viewing this page, you're someone who, through no lack of previous effort or intent, is still searching for an 'answer' to their health and fitness goal(s).

You might be looking to achieve any of the following:

  • Lose 10 or more kilos and despite all the workouts and healthy eating - the numbers on the scales just won't decrease.
  • Lose that extra fat around your waist or around your mum-tum, that just doesn't seem to go away - no matter how hard you try to shed it.
  • Tone up your butt and thighs - but no matter how many squats you do - you still have a pancake butt. 
  • Look great in a bikini and feel & look fit - have you ever looked back on past holiday photos and wished your body looked differently? 
  • Or simply, just stay committed to a plan, for its entirety - instead of finding reasons to stop training - like work, family & being time-poor, when motivation starts to dwindle.


What if we told you, we had the ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEM(S). What if we told you we held the SECRET TO LOSING WEIGHT and how to KEEP IT OFF

No more yo-yo dieting.

No more working your butt off and not seeing the results.

No more negative self talk.

No more starting a program and never finishing it.

When you sign up to our EXCLUSIVE MENTORING PROGRAM, you are given the hands-on and personalised guidance by not one but TWO COACHES who have helped women from all walks of life, from all over the world.

The Alpha Babe Sisters are committed 110% to your goals. Your success is our personal mission. Let us walk beside you and show the path that leads to your ULTIMATE BODY and HAPPINESS. It's time to be your OWN motivation and create your very own SUCCESS story.

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Check out Ashleigh's experience with the Alpha Babes!

6 weeks into the Custom Mentoring Program and kicking massive goals! We could not be prouder! 



Jodie has had AMAZING results on Alpha Babes Custom Mentoring Program. 

Jodie wanted to build lean muscle mass, clean up her diet & have a positive outlook on life. She has achieved all of this plus more! 


Tamara has put in the work and got FANTASTIC results on the Alpha Babes Custom Mentoring 12 week Program. 

9 weeks into the CM program and achieving phenomenal results. Alpha Babes are changing lives. 


Amelia has NEVER finished an exercise program until now! 

Listen to how this beautiful mummy juggles her life - she wears many hats - to finish the 12 weeks Alpha Babes CM Program! We are just thrilled with your transformation in both body and mind!


Meet Melissa! She is a super mum to 3 amazing children. 

Melissa wanted to lose weight and feel good about herself again. Fast forward 12 weeks. Melissa has lost a staggering 16 kg and 52cm of her body! 

12 Week Customised Training Program developed by both Hannah and Meah, entirely for the purpose of achieving your goal. We consider your lifestyle habits, working arrangements, availability of equipment and facilities, injury history and training background. Your training program will be revised and updated every 4 weeks to ensure you are in line with your fitness level as it increases.


12 Week Customised Nutrition Plan developed by Meah to compliment your training and lifestyle goals and to help you reach your fitness goals faster. Revised every 2 - 4 weeks to allow for any modifications to ensure you are in line with your goals at all times. We even include a shopping list so you know exactly what to buy!


Mindset Teaching Sessions -  Hannah has developed an interactive mindset course that delivers education on topics that create change and challenge your thinking. Each topic includes Mindset homework, Podcasts & additional readings to ensure that you develop a deeper understanding on how to unlock your full potential. The topics that are explored are: - Goal Setting, Habits, Facing your Fears, Limiting Beliefs, Self-love & Confidence, Gratitude and Celebration. Through mindset calls with Hannah she will personally show you how to adopt a growth mindset so that you can begin to create change in your body and life.  

Mindset Education

24/7 Support & Correspondence - via text with both Hannah and Meah, so you have guidance every step of the way, even between the coaching sessions, for anything you need. Having 24/7 access to both of your coaches is a huge advantage and ensures you never lose motivation or fall off track. The Alpha Babes are committed to your success!


Personal Coaching

Fortnightly Coaching Calls - You will receive a coaching call on alternate weeks from both Hannah and Meah. These calls will be used to talk about your training, diet and mindset. In these calls the Alpha Babes will coach you through any challenges you may be having and give you any guidance that is needed. These calls are a great way to stay on track with your goals as you will have your own personal coach checking in with you on a weekly basis to ensure you staying motivated

24/7 Support

Full-access to an exclusive private online Facebook group to accentuate support, motivation, & accountability with like-minded babes. Be apart of a space where women uplift one another and encourage each other along their fitness journeys 


Make Connections - although this is a very individualised program and completely customised to your goals and needs; the Alpha Babes don't want you to feel as if you are doing this journey alone. So they have created a fortnightly connect call in which you will be able to meet the other ladies who are on the Custom Mentoring journey with you. This is also a wonderful way to meet new people and to form new relationships. Within these calls your coaches will be discussing various educational topics and mindset strategy sessions

"12 weeks ago I started this amazing journey with 2 amazing ladies! In this time, these girls have helped me in so many ways. I have set some goals I never thought I would achieve, but after all the hard work I am so proud to say that I can fit into a size 8/Small!! I have lost 10kg’s!!! I never ever thought I would be able to say that before I came across these girls. You girls have changed my life for the better and gave me the push I needed to become a person I can feel proud of and happy about. 

I’ve seen so many changes in myself, with the help of the girls I now feel more confident in myself. The mindset homework and calls helped me so much and I feel like mindset comes hand in hand with a weight loss journey, so it is amazing that this comes included in the 12 week program. 

The workouts taught me that I can push myself harder than I ever thought possible. With the exercise and nutrition calls it helped to hold me accountable to the girls and keep on track every day. I loved the meals as well! 

It’s easy to stick to something that you love and I’ve loved this journey. 

Thank you so much Alpha Babes, you girls are amazing!"

Ashleigh Bouman

- Custom Mentoring Client

Melissa Hartley

- Custom Mentoring Client

"For the past 12 weeks I have been lucky enough to complete the Alpha Babes Custom Mentoring program. It was a hard decision to make, as making me a priority does not come easy. When you are a mum to three kids – 10years, 6 years & 5 years of age – you just seem to come last on the never ending to do list. However, I made a goal to put me first and signed up for the Alpha Babes CM program as I needed the extra push for motivation, food accountability and mindset - which can I add is absolutely key to anyone’s success.

For me, having someone to be accountable to was key to my success. Hannah and Meah could not of done a better job – and boy did they push me out of my comfort zone. I have lost 16kg in 12 short weeks and 52 cms around my body!!! I can’t believe it. I look at photos from day 1 and am shocked at how much by body has transformed. 

I’m so proud of myself for unlocking my mindset and pushing through the barriers that have been holding me back. I have come so far within such a short time and for that I am so grateful. 

I cannot wait to see how much further I can push myself. I’m feeling so much better within myself now and I feel like I can now motivate “me”to go after the goals I want in life – not just in fitness & health but in life too. 

I would highly recommend this program to anyone! The Alpha Babes are so dedicated in what they do and they really want what’s best for you! It’s definitely been the best experience I have had with a program. Give it a shot! What have you got to loose besides the kgs!!!

To Hannah and Meah - words can’t describe how I’m really feeling. Thank you so much! "

"Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway..."

- Train Like An Alpha Babe


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