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As one of the two Alpha Babes coaches, Hannah works with you to break through internal barriers and realise your boundless and powerful potential, while intensifying and strengthening the part of you that makes you a fundamentally stronger woman -- your soul. 

Hannah has a firm grasp of the efforts needed to overcome personal limitations. Having spent the past decade understanding and working through her own fears and obstacles, she now embraces a "feel the fear and do it anyway" mantra; it's also the foundational mindset she uses, as your Alpha Babes coach, to amplify your desire to become even more spectacular.

Combining her love for exercise and competition with more than 12 years experience within education, Hannah launched Alpha Babes with her sister Meah to fulfil her lifelong passion to empower women to achieve greatness -- it's also what she believes is the path she was meant to follow.

Hannah holds an Internationally accredited life coaching qualification, Masters Degree in Education, a Bachelor in Social Science, and is also trained in Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) that helps clients release stress. 



Meah has trained woman from all over the world to reach ALPHA BABE status using her "functional fitness" technique. She believes that if your mind is strong, your body will follow. 

As the other half of Alpha Babes, a personal trainer, and mum to busy boy Ryder, Meah understands how difficult it is to juggle motherhood and a fitness-based lifestyle. She is a testament to the belief that attaining bikini-wearing #yummymummy status is very possible.

Her passion-filled and motivation-infused sessions, in complement to sister Hannah's mindset coaching, speak to the Alpha Babes' belief in the power of embracing a positive, "no excuses" attitude towards attaining personal fitness goals and inner strength. 

Having completed several areas of undergraduate studies, Meah discovered her true calling in fitness and personal training.