1:1 COACHING with hannah


Coaching gives people the confidence to move forward

In a positive manner in the areas of their life they desire change. At the heart of growth coaching the belief is that every human is born with the ability to be, do or have, whatever they want in life. Growth Coaching is about helping people break down the barriers that prevent change and create environments for positive action to take place. See Growth Coaching as personal development in ACTION!

So How does it work?

  • 60-minute phone sessions via phone weekly

  • Between session support, check ins

  • Packages available 1, 3 or 5 x 60min coaching sessions

  • Weekly payment options available

What do we work on?

  • Confidence in career and personal life

  • Re-igniting passion in career/current work environment or personal life

  • Life Balance

  • Relationships

  • Future dreams & clarity of purpose

  • Relationship with health and fitness

  • The life coaching sessions are always tailored to the needs of individual in order to get the best results.